News and Events

Activities, news items and other information which may be of interest to our members.

Taipei Tech Education Meeting

Members of the ITANZBC delegation who were interested in educational opportunities in Taiwan met with the deans of two of the colleges at Taipei Tech and learn more about their International programmes and Indigenous-focused projects

NZTE Taipei Meeting

ITANZBC Taiwan trip delegates met with Adrian Collier, Director, New Zealand Trade Development Centre Taipei for nearly two hours, during which Adrian answered delegate’s questions regarding NZTE in Taiwan, options for support and resources through NZTE, as well as some delegate’s more specific questions on market entry and trade with Taiwan.

ANZTEC 5-Year Anniversary Gala

ITANZBC Taiwan trip delegates participated in the Gala dinner to celebrate 5 years since the signing of the New Zealand Taiwan Economic Cooperation Agreement (ANZTEC).  ITANZBC was founded to facilitate trade as specified in the historic ‘Chapter 19’ of the ANZTEC agreement, which stipulates cooperation between the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and Taiwan in Culture, Education and Trade.

Indigenous Business Matching

ITANZBC delegates participated in a business-matching event in the afternoon of November 7, 2018. Taiwan companies who were specifically interested in the products and services being represented by the ITANZBC delegates were organised to meet our Maori business delegates, and after a short presentation significant time was allocated for private meetings and discussions.

NZTBC Welcome Dinner

The first official event of the November Taiwan delegation was a welcome dinner for the 2018 Joint conference of the Taiwan-NZ and NZ-Taiwan Business Council (NZTBC). ITANZBC was honoured to have two delegates seated at the head table.